Growth Groups

MorningStar provides two different ways in which you can join with a small group of Christ-followers to grow together in your relationship with Jesus Christ. These groups exist to help you develop godly relationships with other followers of Jesus Christ and to help you apply the lessons of the Bible to your real life existence with the desired result of a lifestyle of serving.

Sunday Morning Growth Groups

9:00AM Sunday morning: We offer a wide range of classes that meet on Sunday morning. You can find a class that fits your age or your place in life and plug in with a group digging into the Word of God through group interaction under the guidance of gifted teachers. Current classes available include:

  • Ambassadors - multigenerational class covering topical issues
  • Walking in Truth - various ages covering verse by verse discussion of Scripture
  • Mid-Life Christians - discussing various topics related to mid-life
  • Coed IV - generally made up of those ages 50-59 discussing a variety of topics including survey of the Bible and world religions
  • Coed V - generally made up of those ages 60 and up currently discussing "The Gospel-centered Life"
  • Circle of Hope - ladies class using Lifeway curriculum
  • Men - men's class using Lifeway curriculum
  • Deaf - Specifically designed for deaf and their families

Midweek Growth Groups

In homes throughout the week:The purpose is community and accountability that is necessary for spiritual growth. The groups are multigenerational because we believe that the older and the younger have much to learn from one another. We endeavor during these groups to share life with one another and explore the Christian faith helping one another live out what we learn. These groups are appropriate for those who are exploring the faith or long time followers of Christ. Current classes available include:

  • Wednesday evening 6pm - meeting at Susan Dr. discussing the current teaching series on Sunday mornings
  • Thursday evening 6:30pm - meeting at North Wood Creek Dr. discussing the current teaching series on Sunday mornings
  • Sunday evening 6pm - meeting at MorningStar discussing the current teaching series on Sunday mornings

For more information about these Growth Groups as well as groups offered for children and teenagers click on the link below. Browse small groups